About us

Wind Nielsen is the leader of wind turbine dismantling and can therefore offer its customers both used wind turbines and spare parts for wind turbines. Our goal is to satisfy our customers who want to sell or buy or want spare parts of wind turbines.

As a rule, the wind turbines that we offer are no more than five to ten years old and have reliable technology. Because used wind turbines cost less than new wind turbines, we can make our customers a good economical offer. We receive a high demand for this type of wind projects. If you are interested in such projects, please contact us at info@windnielsen.de and we can offer you a solution for your wind farm according to your requirements.

We assemble, dismantle, plan and transport wind turbines worldwide and give you advice during the entire planning and construction phase. We support you if you renew your wind farm in order to achieve a higher output or if you simply want to dismantle your wind farm. We offer you project-related dismantling and re-use of your used wind turbines.

A project to renew a wind farm is called Repowering. Repowering projects are in particular time-critical and have special requirements. Wind Nielsen has been working in this area of Repowering projects since 2010 and can look back on a long time experience.

We offer you a complete scope of supply and services with project-related offers. Wind turbines must be dismantled through a secured shut down. Wind Nielsen offers the sustainable dismantling, disassembly, recycling and recovery of wind turbines:

·        Knowledge and experience for the dismantling of the Wind turbines,

·        The basis of legal requirements due to dismantling obligations,

·        on your request, a declaration of the dismantling plan,

·        required certificates after permanent withdrawal of legal use and

·        removal of ground sealing (removal of foundations) if required

To run a dismantling project requires technical, logistical and planning knowledge. For more information, call: +49 4663 1898056 and info@windnielsen.de.

Wind Nielsen can rely on proven spare parts and documentation of components for all requirements due to the fact, that these parts run up to the dismantling and can store them in an area of ​​40,000m2, from that 13,000m2 in a closed hall area. Qualified staff with practical experience in repairing and dismantling wind turbines and a large network with national and international customers and partners support furthermore. Wind Nielsen handled therefore also special projects for spare parts deliveries. Wind Nielsen also supplies spare parts to numerous small and medium-sized companies, mainly from the region including Denmark and Germany, but also worldwide, so that they can continue to operate their wind turbines at low cost.

You can search for spare parts for wind turbines at: https://wind-nielsen.com/ in the header under "Search items"

Alternatively, you can contact us directly at: info@windnielsen.de. A copy of the nameplate of your product with details of the wind turbine will help you find it and make you an offer.